laforge family dec.2010

Quail Hollow Ranch
We've gotten to know the LaForges over the past year. They are a delight and have been wonderfully supportive. Fun Fact: Both our families have doubled in size in less than three years.

pruitt family photos

Felton Covered Bridge Park
We spent an hour as the sun was going down enjoying family, smiling and laughing. Thanks for making the drive. We're greatful to have you as family and hope you enjoy.

audrey & olivia

family that plays together...


Greg and Kirsten are genuinely playful people. Their children Charlie and Charlotte can sometimes be found swinging from the trees in the neighborhood. Even dressed up for photos, this day was no exception.

Ashleigh & Dan

Saturday we drove to Valencia Park in Aptos, CA for a wedding shoot. It was a new location for me, complete with historic buildings hidden away under tall redwoods. The couple of the day, Ashleigh and Dan, were fun an easygoing. When we arrived we even remembered we'd even worked with Ashleigh before. Thanks to the Millers for the invite and to Dan and Ashleigh for sharing your day with us.

tri-california's wildflower triathlon 2007


For the last four year's the first weekend of May has been all about Wildflower. I always look forward to the excitement and cheering on friends. This year we had a great crew of Mount Hermon and extended friends in camp. Some came to compete, others to cheer. This year I decided to ditch the press pass to hang with Amy and the cheering squad. It was unusually relaxing b/c neither of us was competing.

To make this year even better, my cousin Sydney came down with her tri team from Oregon. We had tons of fun hanging with her and cheering her on in her debut triathlon. Even better was that her dad and little bro. drove down from OR and surprised her. He arrived Sat morning and left Sunday by 4pm. Whirlwind tour, to say the least. Most miraculous was how they found Syd's camp among the 20,000 people by just walking straight to it.

I've divided photos from the weekend up into three sets:
The Scene & Noteable Atheletes
Syd's First Tri.

(edit 4-10-2010)
My cousin Sydney has continued to enjoy triathlons and is competing in her first Iron(Wo)man in June. May these inspire you to jump in a give it a tri. Enjoy!

Braces Motivation

There are few reason that will get a high school senior out of bed early in the morning. The threat of having braces in their senior portraits is apparently one of them. Morning light, a recent rain, and a mom who razzed her daughter into some great smiles made me laugh behind the lens, even before my first cup of coffee. Thanks for letting shoot this, Amelia. I had a great time even though I am not a morning person.

holga wedding

I had the privilege of joining my friend and fellow photographer Peter Thomsen for Jeannie and Tony's wedding. The light was great, the couple was fun, and the atmosphere was comfortably elegant. I had a quick moment to pull out the plastic holga, but no, it was not the only camera I had on hand that day. Even I'm not that brave. Thanks again Peter for the fun day of photography.

Burch's Farewell

With a light rain falling, I had a chance to photograph the Burch Family before they switched hemispheres. The weather fit the mood as I know they were sad to leave, but eager to begin their new adventure.

Surfing in the New Year

Peter and I took a couple hour break from work to shoot Jeremiah surfing north of Santa Cruz. It was refreshing to be out in the salty air grabbing a few picts. Here's some shots from the session.

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