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tri-california’s wildflower triathlon 2007

May 8th, 2007

Josh Bootz


For the last four year’s the first weekend of May has been all about Wildflower. I always look forward to the excitement and cheering on friends. This year we had a great crew of Mount Hermon and extended friends in camp. Some came to compete, others to cheer. This year I decided to ditch the press pass to hang with Amy and the cheering squad. It was unusually relaxing b/c neither of us was competing.

To make this year even better, my cousin Sydney came down with her tri team from Oregon. We had tons of fun hanging with her and cheering her on in her debut triathlon. Even better was that her dad and little bro. drove down from OR and surprised her. He arrived Sat morning and left Sunday by 4pm. Whirlwind tour, to say the least. Most miraculous was how they found Syd’s camp among the 20,000 people by just walking straight to it.

I’ve divided photos from the weekend up into three sets:
The Scene & Noteable Atheletes
Syd’s First Tri.

(edit 4-10-2010)
My cousin Sydney has continued to enjoy triathlons and is competing in her first Iron(Wo)man in June. May these inspire you to jump in a give it a tri. Enjoy!

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